Fort4Fitness Kids Marathon

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Lutheran Health Network Lutheran Children's Hospital  

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Friday, September 25, 2015 - Fort Wayne, IN


The Final Mile at Parkview Field on Friday, September 26, 2014, was a huge success! A record number of kids participated in the 2014 Kids Marathon, working hard all summer long to log their miles and cross the finish line at Parkview Field to celebrate their success from the summer. Thank you to everyone who attended our Thursday Pep Rallies at the ASH Centre! We had a great time organizing activities with Lutheran Children's Hospital and Erin's House to help promote healthy living and fitness to our Kids Marathon participants! 

The 2015 Kids Marathon will be held at Parkview Field on Friday, September 25!




About the Kids Marathon

The Fort4Fitness Kids Marathon is sponsored by Lutheran Children's Hospital and is easy to do and fun for all!

The Kids Marathon is designed for kids ages 4-14 and has been created to promote exercise, wellness and healthy lifestyles for kids and their families through a variety of unique training programs and events.   We are dedicated to providing safe, fun and high-quality events for athletes of all ages and abilities.

Fort4Fitness operates under a simple premise: the sooner we can instill healthy lifestyles in our kids, the better health they will have later in life.  A major contributor to a healthy lifestyle is getting regular exercise.

In 2014, 859 area kids took strides toward a more fit lifestyle while participating in the Fort4Fitness Kids Marathon.

Free Online Training Programs

Fort4Fitness provides a fun and effective way to encourage kids to exercise by providing a free, flexible and practical training program. All that’s needed to begin is an adult registering their child and then you get to choose the program that best fits your child and your family.

The Kids Marathon training programs are designed to make exercise fun and achievable for kids. The program includes:

  • A combination of running activities and other fitness fun

  • Incentives to recognize and reward runners

  • Tips on how to get started and how to keep training exciting

  • Proper running techniques and strategies

  • Tools to track progress, including a downloadable tailored log

The program allows your child to set a goal, have the reward of achieving that goal and then coming together in a fun-filled supportive environment in September to celebrate and recognize their success. Our goal is to help children in our community develop a foundation for healthy habits and fitness that will continue for generations to come.

Start of the 2012 Fort4Fitness Kids Marathon

Incentives and Rewards

  • All kids will receive a training shirt and a training log at the Kids Marathon Kickoff.

  • To celebrate the achievements of our young runners, Fort4Fitness will host a 1.2 "Final Mile" at Parkview Field at the Fort4Fitness Fall Festival where each finisher will receive a bib and medal, as well as special recognition for the event that they successfully completed.

For more information on being a part of the Fort4Fitness Kids Marathon, please email: