Bound and Determined

This inspirational story was submitted to us by Deidre D., a regular Fort4Fitness 4 mile race participant.

Each year, with her Race 4 Peace church group, Deidre and her sister would participate in the Fort4Fitness 4 mile race, while her husband cheered them on and took their picture at the finish line. Deidre says the 2017 Fall Festival was the best one for their family.

Her mother-in-law, who lived in a nursing home at the time, was adamant that she wanted to complete the 4 mile walk/run, but her health was declining. Chances were not good that she would be physically able to complete the 4 miles on her own. Deidre and her husband decided that they would help her achieve her goal by pushing her in a wheelchair.

Deidre says, "My mother-in-law was bound and determined she was going to get up and walk, even though she couldn't make it a few feet. We made a deal with her. If she stayed in the wheelchair until we got to the finish line, we'd help her walk across the finish line. And that's just what she did. That was the first walk my husband did and that was the only walk my mother-in-law would do, as she passed away last year in July.

She wore that medal around that nursing home every day. Here's a picture of her fulfilling that one dream she had two years ago."

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