Summer Sunset Relay

Inaugural Summer Sunset Relay

F4F is so excited to announce the first Summer Sunset Relay event, scheduled for August 7th, 2021!

Put together your team and get ready for a relay race you won’t forget! Located at Shoaff Park, the Summer Sunset Relay is more than just a race. It’s a social event, a place to play yard games, to enjoy local food, and to spend priceless time with friends and family.

This fun summer event is meant to be enjoyed by all. Here are just some of the approaches you can take.

1. Family Day at the Park

Calling all parents who need to wear out their kids for bedtime! Bring the kiddos and take turns running (or walking, or skipping, or hopping!) on the course. When you’re not completing laps, adults and kids can all enjoy family-friendly park games and activities. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

2. Competition

Form a team and then challenge a group of friends, family, or coworkers to compete! Smiths vs. Johnsons; Marketing vs. Sales; swim team vs. baseball team…Which team can complete the most laps in the allotted time frame?!

3. Personal Goal(s)

New and experienced runners can utilize this event as a personal record challenge (or to train for the Fall Festival!). How fast can you run a lap? How many laps can you run consecutively? Can you complete a set distance within the designated time limit? Do this with a team or as a solo runner!

4. Social Shindig

Bring a pop-up tent, lawn chairs, and your running shoes and enjoy a fun, unique day with your friends. Get some exercise, eat some food truck snacks, play games (corn hole, Giant Jenga, disc golf, etc.) and make some memories! #bffs #bestdayever

5. Coworker Bonding

Get to know your coworkers outside of the office! (You already know Bill from accounting is a whiz with numbers, but did you know he’s also a master at disc golf?!) Gather your workmates to log some social interaction time and sharpen your teamwork skills.

6. Charitable Fundraising

Form a team to support your favorite non-profit. Non-profit organizations can collect pledges for laps completed. The more laps you run, the more funds you raise! Click here for details.

3 hours, 6 hours, small team, big team, competitive, relaxed…make this relay YOUR race!

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