We asked our new Running Group coach, Liz Schloss, a few questions that we hope will help motivate and inspire new runners! We know that getting active and trying something different is a challenge. The Running Group exists (for people of all levels!) to provide a network of like-minded, positive-thinking people that you can lean on as you nagivate through your fitness journey. Read on, and take a look at what you could be a part of!


What do you look forward to the most about leading the 2019 F4F Running Group?  

I am excited to assist runners/walkers in forming friendships and meeting their goals while maybe learning something new about their running, themselves, or Fort4Fitness.


In your experience, how does being a part of a training group affect the success of an individual?

The camaraderie of a group is a special thing. In one aspect, it keeps you accountable when you meet up with other people with similar goals and, therefore, keeps you consistent. When training for a key event, consistency is the most important training aspect, and a group helps with that. More importantly, you are supporting each other and finding new friendships and bonds that will last beyond one race. You want to see each other succeed and embrace each other's struggles and triumphs in so many ways. While it's great to have your own motivation, other people help build a support system that lasts far beyond times and distances. 


What would you say to someone who is on the fence about getting into running?

I would say the same thing I'd say to my younger self about anything: "Try it." Regardless of speeds or distances accomplished, we all start somewhere. Truly, I've never met a group of more welcoming individuals and they will welcome anyone wanting to start. Running can be geared toward the individual and a group. Go by your own fitness level and enjoy the process. If you are nervous and have never run before, start with increments of walking/running and build gradually into the run. Start learning the cues your body gives you. If there is a day where you need to go at an easier pace, listen to your body. With any fitness activity, the most exciting aspect is seeing your personal improvement. 


What is the most common piece of advice you find yourself giving to runners/walkers?

Go by your own progress, and watch for what your body is able to give you at that time. What I mean by that is that most people will compare themselves to others, or even what they could do in the past. It's a trap I've fallen into myself as a runner. On one run, you may have run your farthest distance or most consistent pace, and those are milestones to be celebrated. However, you may look at someone else who has run farther and faster and criticize your own accomplishments. I've also seen other people (myself included) also say, "Two years ago, I could run this long or this fast..." Honor what you are doing during a current build-up and trust the progress that you are making. 


How do you keep your trainees motivated?

The majority of the time, most runners are extremely self-motivated, but when there's a particularly rough patch, try to be a positive voice in their head. If there is a day where you don't feel like running or the task seems daunting, just tell yourself, "I'll go for a short amount and just see." Get yourself out the door and you will surprise yourself. 


What is the one thing you wish every new runner would know?

There's a whole new world that opens up when you start to run, and especially when you run with others. It just takes a good pair of shoes and dedicating some time to run to make it habit. It can be on your own or you can meet a whole new group of people by starting this journey.

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