Tour Information

THE 2021 Spring Cycle will be Saturday june 4th, 2021

2021 Tour Information


SAG (Water/Aid) Station Information

FOUR stations throughout the course

10 Mile/Family Water Stop
Location: TBD
Tours using this stop: 10 Mile
Amenities: water
Staffed by: TBD

AEP Stop on the 16 Mile Course
Location: TBD
Tours using this stop: 16 Mile, 32 Mile, 45 Mile and Metric Century (each once)
Amenities: bike checks, replenishment (fruit and granola bars), water and Gatorade
Staffed by: TBD

Milan Township Fire Department - Stop on the 32 and 45 Mile Courses
Location: TBD
Tours using this stop: 32 Mile (once), 45 Mile and Metric Century (twice)
Amenities: bike checks, replenishment (fruit and granola bars), water and Gatorade

Riverside Veterans Memorial Park Stop on the Metric Century Course
Location: TBD
Tours using this stop: Metric Century only
Amenities: bike checks, replenishment (fruit, granola bars and Gu energy gel) and water 
Staffed by: TBD


Important Safety Information

To assist cyclists along the course, Bike Ambassadors ride the routes to help in case of any issues. SAG Wagons are placed throughout the course and can be dispatched to a specific location in the event of an equipment malfunction. Police support is dispersed throughout the courses as well. Fort4Fitness remains in communication with these safety support entities.

To have a safe ride, Fort4Fitness recommends obeying the Share the Road rules from Parkview Trauma Centers:

A pocket map is provided to all cyclists for a course map, turn-by-turn directions and general safety information. For First Aid or equipment-related issues, cyclists are advised to seek the nearest water/aid station, or if necessary, call to get a mobile unit dispatched to them.  

In addition, Summit City Bicycles and Fitness provides a bike repair station at the start, finish and at each of the water/aid stations.

Have a safe ride!


The Spring Cycle is rain or shine, but if lightning or a rough storm will affect the start time of either tour start, we will make announcements accordingly at the start line, on social media, our website, and all participants will receive an email.